Day 31 of The Strict Paleo Challenge

People, I am 15 hours and 55 minutes into my first day “off” the Paleo Challenge and I can’t bring myself to eat anything not Paleo. I’m at a coffeeshop, but as I tweeted, I couldn’t even bring myself to buy a latte or some vegan pumpkin bread.

I’m scared! Big bad dairy, grains, soy! Eeep!

After that really hard week in LA, I’ve settled into it–it’s been much easier to eat Paleo this trip, in part because I can cook for myself on these two tiny burners.

Nonetheless, after listening to recounts of Lisa’s birthday eating and Eric’s 24-Diner-marathon, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll eat “when this is over.”  I’ve already said I’ll get Yogurt Spot as soon as I get back to Austin, but what do I want here?

1) A homemade chocolate chip cookie. I don’t want shortening, oils, and preservatives. If I’m gonna have it, I want high quality: butter, eggs, sugar–unprocessed if nothing else. CookiesCookie looks that perfect? Not what I want. Give me lumps on jagged edges!

Another thing about the splurging thing is the sharing. Celebrating with desserts, having something as a treat, enjoying it with friends. If it’s just me, I don’t need to sneak a treat (love this HILARIOUS post from Crystal … who hasn’t been there?).

Moral of the story? My mountain man is bringing me a cookie from the restaurant he’s working at tonight. He swears they make ‘em there. I’m honestly terrified.

2) A cold microbrew. Tonight. But just one or two, I really liked cutting down on the wild nights.

3) Gluten-free pizza. Not until Sunday. Although I’ve really gotten used to making Paleo Pizza and I really enjoy that …

But here’s why “when this thing is over” was in quotes. This thing isn’t over. Mountain Man congratulated me last night and said, “It’s over! You did it!”

I looked at him puzzled and said, “It’s not OVER. It might be less strict and I MIGHT add back in dairy, but it’s definitely not over.” He looked disappointed. I get it, it’s hard when someone you’re with all the time has different eating habits (reason #4,987,435 why TLSP and TLSP dinners are SO important), even if you’re the one without the “restrictions.”

But I feel good. I feel like I am FINALLY leaning out after 9 months of CrossFitting (which is supposed to work quickly, right?) and I don’t want that to go away. As Kate Moss once infamously said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels …” with some modifications (isn’t that all we do over here?) that statement is pretty true.

Nothing processed tastes as good as lean & strong feels? That’s not quite right, but you get my point.

Will be getting a body comp when I get back to town, we’ll see if the numbers say anything …

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3 Responses to “Day 31 of The Strict Paleo Challenge”

  1. That’s funny, I got several “congratulations, you made it to the end” comments as well. And while I definitely appreciate the support, it didn’t feel right to agree with them. Our biggest challenges might lie ahead, when we’re not just some crazies on a 30 day diet- we’re now the crazies who think we can eat like this for life.

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  2. I get some diet freedom this weekend but feel similar in that dairy scares the Bejesus outta me now and sugar might send my heart into a slight cardiac arrest.

    To be honest, the two things I’m craving more than anything are a DIET COKE and WINE! Weird no? No longer craving my beloved Fro-yo, carrot cake or anything with cheese.

    I can and plan to make this my lifestyle:) That being said, homegirl NEEDS a freaking food processor!

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