Better than Cakeballs: Fudge Babies

When I first made these, I got really excited and tweeted about them and posted them to Austin Post and said they were amazing.

I now feel compelled to issue a disclaimer. But I’ll let you enjoy my excitement first … if you just want the disclaimer, scroll to the bottom.

Fudge Babies

I first stumbled upon these Fudge Babies on Chocolate-Covered Katie. She went on and on about them and how much everyone loves them and how easy to make they are and sinless … and I was kind of like, oh, shut up. But as the world turns, I am now going to turn around and do the same.

These little balls of heaven are EASY and HEALTHY* and AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.

4 ingredients: walnuts (1 c.), dates (1 1/3 c.), cocoa (4T), vanilla (1t).

1 utensil: food processor, blender, magic bullet, whatever

result: divine

Takes under ten minutes to prepare from start to finish. Pull everything out of the pantry, blend, roll into balls. Done.

These things taste like fudge. They’re rich and satisfying. Amazing!

My roommate/brother is subject to all my baking experiments and tried one and said, “good.” He chewed for a minute more and said, “Not as good as cakeballs, but better than the other stuff you make.”

No, bro, these are BETTER than cakeballs because while cakeballs have all sorts of poisonous things in them (white flour, sugar, preservatives, things I can’t pronounce, icing with more of the same, coating with even more of the same, reese’s on top with MORE of the same … you get the idea), these have FOUR things in them. FOUR things found in nature (is vanilla extract found in nature?), FOUR things Grok could have eaten, FOUR things that make your body happy and clean (while potentially raising your blood sugar).

Paleo Dessert

I digress. I think these are the PERFECT solution to holiday dessert woes–just serve ‘em up with all the other desserts and see if anyone can even tell they’re different. I mean, they’ll obviously KNOW they’re different, but I don’t think anyone would consider these “weird health food.”

And hit up Chocolate-Covered Katie for variations … or sub in any combo of nuts and other fun raw ingredients!

*Let’s talk date nutrition: they’re kind of calorie and carb bombs, as you’d expect from a sweetener: While they are the Paleo-est of sweeteners, I’m not sure I’d call them HEALTHY, like zucchini or lean beef. Dates have a Glycemic Index of 103 and Glycemic Load of 42, making them pretty hard on your blood sugar. BUT if you’re going to have something sweet (and sometimes you just HAVE TO), this is one of the best ways to go.

DISCLAIMER: Throughout the day, I managed to polish off THE ENTIRE RECIPE.My brother had that one. But other than that, I ate A CUP OF WALNUTS AND 1 1/3 CUP OF DATES. Sure, it was throughout the day, not in one sitting, but this was a poor choice. Not only because I probably ate somewhere in the range of 200 grams of fat (nobody ever said Paleo-ers shy away from fat) and a bajillion glycemic-load-worth of dates, but because at its core Paleo is about listening to your body, which means eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. I kind of doubt there’s any way I could have been hungry after the first nine Fudge Babies.


By the end, they didn’t even taste like Fudge Babies anymore. They tasted like walnuts and dates and cocoa powder all blended up.

Bottom line: don’t let this happen to you. Keep the Fudge Baby allure alive by NOT EATING THE WHOLE BATCH.

.. at least it wasn’t an entire batch of cookies (flour, sugar, butter, chocolate chips), right?

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7 Responses to “Better than Cakeballs: Fudge Babies”

  1. I’ve been salivating at these Fudge Babies all day at work. When I got home this evening, I made a batch with dates, pecans and Ghirardelli cocoa powder.
    I tried to follow your advice and restrict myself to a couple … kept going back to the kitchen for one more … the “one more” started adding up and I ended up finishing the whole batch in an hour.
    Very addictive Paleo people so make sure you lock away your batch.

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  2. Keep in mind that fruit would have been a very rare treat indeed for Paleolithic man, with no year-round availability and almost certainly not in the quantities with which we are able to enjoy ourselves these days!

    Fruit has also been bred for size and sweetness over the past centuries – we would not recognize the wild berries of days gone by, either in size, shape, or taste!

    Most berries have a 50/50 split between Fructose and Glucose, apples however tilt more towards the fructose end of the spectrum, with Melon being milder still (this is why berries and meon are theb est bet, both antioxidant and overall health wise.

    While we’re on the subject of sweeteners, please don’t get lured in by the Agave Nectar or Honey myths. Agave nectar is pretty much pure fructose (as well as much an industrial product as High-Fructose Corn Syrup), and honey is 65-80% fructose.

    Why does this matter? Because Fructose is a poison: (>1 hour video, well worth every science-and-research-packed second)

    All in all, we shouldn’t miss the forest for the trees by consuming “all natural” foods that contain the same substances that we demonize in say, high-fructose corn syrup.

    Starchy tubers such as yams, sweet potatoes, and even plain potatoes should be higher on the consumption priority scale than LARGE QUANTITIES of fruit, as should full-fat dairy such as yogurt and hard cheeses such as Jarlsberg and Parmesan (with raw dairy being even more beneficial).


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  3. Ryon – Thank you for that really informative comment! I will sit down and watch the video soon.

    Arun – I can’t lie, it kinda makes me feel better that you couldn’t resist either. Oh, the willpower.

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  4. You might like this:

    beyond this dessert marvel, she has great recipes that can be tweaked. I know this is a bit high glycemic.

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  5. i make something called a “snowball”:
    1 part raisins
    1 part dates
    1 part walnuts
    blended and rolled like fudge babies, then rolled in coconut. Mmm.

    i’ll try with chocolate next time.

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  6. Loved these the first time I made ‘em! I tried a little something different the second and third time ’round, but man…these are the best little treats aside from picking up a See’s Candy!

    Here’s what I did:

    1 c. – Walnuts, chopped
    1 c. – Dates, chopped
    1/3 c. – Goji berries, whole
    3/4 c. – Shredded coconut, UNSWEETENED 1 & 1/4 c. – Cacao powder
    1/3 c. – Maca powder
    1/4 c. – Flax meal
    3 scoops – Vanilla whey protein powder 1 tbs. – Natural vanilla extract
    1 c. – Unsweetened coconut milk
    Dash of cinnamon

    Prepare with food processor, blender, magic bullet, whatever…these are the perfect post-workout goodies for the on-the-go! We keep an unrolled batch in the freezer and heat up a melonballer with warm running water to make perfect little spheres, that way we don’t overindulge by eating the entire thing! I’ve even passed these out to my non-paleo eating family and they absolutely love them! They now ask for them by request!

    Highly recommended!

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